Our Mission

CAAGRIThe Center for African American Genealogical Research, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer based organization with a very clear mission statement: To reunite as many African descended Americans with their distant African relatives as possible. We use traditional research methods, digital technology and forensic science to accomplish this goal and encourage families to preserve their family history so that a more accurate record of American, indeed World history, is properly documented. For each day that we lose a senior in our community, we lose at least two, perhaps three generations of both physical and oral history.

We are not a genealogy society, club or association. We are educators, anthropologists, historians and community stewards with broad reach into the African Diaspora, which includes the continent of Africa.

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Our work in the Diaspora is unique in that while we do emphasize the importance of preserving family history, for our relatives in Africa, this includes the immediate family needs. Many of our relatives are mired in chieftaincy disputes, land rights litigation, contaminated water sources, inadequate electricity, compromised food supplies, gender inequities, kinship taxes, child trafficking and little access to the democratic processes just to name a few. We incorporate our genealogy endeavors to develop computer literacy programs, introduce new professions in the areas of science and technology, archeology, anthropology, cinematography, history, geography among others. In effect, we achieve a dual purpose of preserving the history while educating the population that might otherwise not have the access and opportunity to build a more stable, self-reliant community.

To that end, we work very passionately to have Sankofa moments every day by building relationships at home and abroad to expand our scope and share our common message of HOPE.

We firmly believe that out of many, we are one: One voice. One fist. One village. One family. One destiny.