CAAGRI, The Center for African American Genealogical Research, Inc. (CAAGRI), is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization esatablished in 2004. The goals of CAAGRI are to reunite as many African families in the Diaspora as possible using the genealogy research tools, historical narratives and genetic DNA analysis wherever possible. We provide helpful genealogy tips, support efforts to preserve African history, collaborate with other non-profit organizations on special projects and educate on the history of African people pre-and post-European contact.

As education is important to our mission, we share our best practices of researching family heritage by way of speaking events, public forums, private lectures/discussions, articles, master classes and corporate identity research projects.

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Have you hit a road block with your research and don't know where else to look for your ancestor? Tracing African American families is a daunting task for most because the "official" records kept our ancestors hidden from us. Let our professional team help you begin piecing together the puzzle of your African American family.




Have you had your DNA tested for your ancestral origins? We have collaborated with Family Tree DNA for all of our DNA testing projects. If you have had your DNA tested through FTDNA, you can join our project by logging into your account. If you have not had your DNA tested, you can purchase a kit here.

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Don't be taken by surprise when your corporation or educational institution finds itself in the midst of headlines and public outcry for its enslaving practices. Our experts are available to examine your institutional founding’s so you can get ahead of the headlines. We will also help you build a response for a robust social responsibility plan that recreates your corporate cultural identity and expand your customer base. Contact us today for a confidential assessment.


Do you have a need for a customized report on a particular ethnic group? Our professional team of experts will customize a quantitative and or qualitative report for your business, educational philanthropic or special reporting needs. In additional to your professional report writing needs, we also create meaningful surveys for monitoring and evaluation projects, course design and instruction, and Cultural Competency Sensitivity Training (CCST).
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