Many of our clients are inundated with paper documents. These documents are stored in filing cabinets, offices, storage facilities, on top of filing cabinets and in every other available square foot of space.

We know that the need to access these critical documents at a moments notice is the primary reason for keeping them on-site. However, at a certain point, the volume of documents needed on-sight creates inefficiencies that actually impede productivity and require significant annual expense. Public and Private organizations, in a variety of industries and market verticals, benefit from our Document Scanning Outsourcing Services.

To be competitive, these organizations need efficient document management processes that can capture, archive, search and retrieve information from a variety of sources across the organization. Furthermore, these organizations depend on information to remain efficient and effective --Information that Is timely, accurate and usable. When critical information is trapped Inside folders, on paper or In faxes, productivity, performance and profits are dramatically impacted increasing the cost of business.

Utilizing our services, organizations can quickly convert information into digital assets for employees to securely access and use, reduces operating costs and provides the Return-on-Investment sought In today's economy.


Document Scanning and Indexing

Professionally equipped to manage your document scanning and imaging needs, we offer on-site services that allow you to allocate resources efficiently while staying focused on your core business. This value added service give our clients peace of mind in knowing that irreplaceable data won't be lost or misplaced.

Our image scanning solutions cover a broad range of electronic and digital scanning. We scan items as small as credit card receipts or as large as oversize maps and blueprints. We have wide experience with difficult paper such as tissue or color copies and two-sided documents. Our range of spec.ialized scanners permit us to always apply the specific equipment to meet client needs. Valuable and fragile papers are evaluated and processed to assure proper care and accurate conversion.

Our services do not include microfilm or microfiche.


Document Management and Internet Hosting

Data and document hosting services from CAAGRI include designing and Implementing cost-effective Web Based Document Management systems. We use these systems to create an Internet Archive at our web hosting sites that leverage the latest online based document management technologies.

Each application is customized to meet a client's specific needs for an online web document hosting application. Web based document management system users can institute a search and retrieval process using previously established Indices and document identification classifications. microMEDIA delivers all the requisite management, infrastructure and support. We offer numerous document repository alternatives.

Access to this system is through any web browsers. Only users with approved access to the Information are able to retrieve It by use of identification logons and passwords. All transmission to and from our web based document hosting and management servers employs Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transmissions.

Data presently in electronic formats is integrated at high speed. For source documents, CAAGRI providing scanning and indexing services from paper, microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards. Documents may consist of legacy backfile Information or day-forward. Another alternative is to handle legacy data on an 'on-demand' basis.

We retrieve the data from the original form and transmit it on demand. Clients can do day-forward scanning and indexing with their own staff or use our services. We afford numerous Internet online records storage, retrieval and processing alternatives. Data presently stored in electronic formats is integrated at high speed.
Among the web based document management system options:

  • CAAGRI can scan, index and upload all backfile and ongoing documents
  • Clients can do their own scanning and indexing using their staff, we then upload and maintain the database
    We can convert a backfile of documents and clients can proceed with ongoing work
  • Clients can scan data and transmit to us via e-mail, FTP or CO and we then index and upload the documents

For smaller volume applications, clients can use standard facsimile machines to transmit documents to us, we then index and upload them to our hosted website

CAAGRI provides all administrative, backup, security, software upgrades, systems and database administration, hardware support and training. Web based access to the document hosting and management system is available anywhere that has a secure Internet connection.

For those companies anxious to initiate an Internet oriented records management project, a system can be rapidly implemented. A 'pilot system" can be created and demonstrated in a matter of only a few days. Then, using the results of the pilot, a system can be customized and installed in a matter of weeks.
We can install a similar system within your company's Intranet.


Business Contuniuty / Disaster Recovery Planning

Whenever disaster strikes,CAAGRIis there to help our customers get back up and running by providing exceptional disaster recovery services. When you choose CAAGRI for disaster response services,
you're getting more than just the services-you're getting a commitment from CAAGRI to support your data recovery efforts at a time when you most need the support.

Businesses today well understand that the ability to recover data quickly and completely following a disaster is vital to business continuity.CAAGRI offers support services for your protecting your data-rapidly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Our screened and trained personnel, are always ready to assist with your recovery. When disaster strikes, CAAGRI brings in critical response teams from other geographical areas. This ensures that your recovery efforts are not onlyv adequately supported, but are being handled by individuals who are not personally affected by the disaster and are able tov devote their full attention to helping you. Your disaster recovery {DR) plan provides critical instructions and contacts should systems and data become unavailable.

CAAGRI can help store your DR plan, ensure access to that plan and help activate it when unexpected downtime occurs. CAAGRI gives you the tools to develop and execute an effective DR plan, including:

  • Anywhere, anytime Internet access to recovery instructions and contact information
  • Authorization tools to define who can access your DR plan
  • A CAAGRI Support Service Coordinator to assist in activating a DR plan in the event of a disaster
At CAAGRI, disaster recovery is always part of the plan. And with our disaster response services testing, you can be sure it's part of your business continuity plan as well.

Optical Character Recognition & Manual DataOCR Is the mechanical or electronic translation of scanned images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text Into machine-encoded text. It is widely used to convert books and documents into electronic files, to computerize a record-keeping system in an office, or to publish the text on a website. OCR makes it possible to edit the text, search for a word or phrase, store it more compactly, display or print a copy free of scanning artifacts, and apply techniques such as machine translation, text-to-speech and text mining to it. OCR is a field of research in pattern recognition, artificial
intelligence and computer vision. CAAGRI offers a reliable cost-effective solution to information management
needs. Clients do not need to buy equipment or research every aspect of the digitization process; instead they can take advantage of our unique production service, highly competitive prices and skilled personnel.

We treat each project on its own merits and all processes are tailored to the needs of the client, the nature of the originals and the eventual end product.

For all of your digital imaging needs, we use the latest cost-effective state-of-the-art technology, OCR tools, and continually developed in-house processes, the digitization of your materials will be of the highest quality.