• The Center for African American Genealogical Research, Inc.

  • the first peoples


    The history of Africans in the Western world usually begins with a story of enslavement but time and space being what it is, we know there are Other truths to the stories we have been told.


  • African DNA


    Since 2007, CAAGRI has been at the forefront of collecting DNA samples from the Motherland to assist the Diaspora with finding their lost relatives, scientifically.


  • the diaspora


    Contrary to what it is we think we know, the African Diaspora exists in every industrialized nation. Diaspora means to scratter widely. 'dia' means through, in different directions, between. 'spora' comes from the root word, "sparse" and it means to scatter, sow, spread.


Reclaiming Our Time

On August 19, 2023 @ 2:00 PM, nine families from the historic Jackson Ward Gilpin Court community will have their family genealogy and DNA results revealed immediately followed by The Wedding to honor the marriages of the ancestors. You won't want to miss this free and open to the public event held at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture. Bring your family and friends.

How to...

research the diaspora

  • databases

    Access to sources of information can be costly. We have compiled a list of FREE online databases to help you on your journey.

  • Books to read

    Credible sources are essential to understanding the global public policies that affect people of African descent. Distinguishing between bias and conspiracy takes some work, but there is a sea of responsible scholars who have studied and written about the diaspora over the last 50 years.

  • writing

    Writing your personal family story or writing about new information you have discovered while tracing your family history is vital to ensuring the story is never forgotten. We've put together a short guide to help you begin writing the story of your lifetime.

Years Dislocated
million victims
identities reclaimed
stories told

What makes us the same, makes us different

cultural zones

seeing sameness

In the Americas, African-descended people perform the same or modified traditions without knowing how we came to know these rites. Theories of enslavement were created to disassociate ancient practices amongst the kidnapped to discourage a longing for home. In Africa. Where we came from. Each African kingdom had its customs, language, and history, so knowing those unique characteristics gives clues to where we came from.

Expand your

knowledge base

  • Remember their names

    A small tribute to honor the memory and legacy of early pioneers who may not have been as notable as others whose names are well known.

  • maps

    Tracing the diaspora requires maps. This resource discusses the idea of mapping and provides free resources and tools for you to add to your research project.

  • unclaimed property

    Do you know if your state has money in the bank with your name on it? Check here for more information on how to reclaim your money!