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Many of us have family members whose real names are "unknown". Some nicknames can be traced to the given names while others cannot. Nicknames are not some cutsie custom given to a baby or child simply because the parent(s) decided not to call that baby or child by their given birth name. Nicknames hava hisotrical dual purpose: 1. To ensure that the child would never grow to marry within the family--this was a forced practice due to enslavement. When young children were separated from their families, nicknames were used to ensure that they did not marry a "lost" brother or sister; and 2. in the event that a child was separated from his family (by sale) and the new owner gave him a new name, the family could still keep track of that child using the nickname. For example, if a boy was given the nickname "Bojangles" and at the age of nine, he was sold away, the family would ask the enslaved Africans that were allowed to leave the plantation, to inquire about the fate of Bojangles. This naming convention continues today though many of us are unaware of the origins of the tradition. Likewise, many of us have family members whose real names are unknown because we've only known them by their nickname. The list below are nicknames as they relate to the given name and is in no way a complete list as nicknames vary from generation to generation.



Given Names


Aaron Ron
Abel Abe
Abigail Ab,Abbie(y), Gail, Nabby
Abijah Ab, Bige
Abner Ab, Abbie
Abraham Abe, Abram, Bram
Absalom Ab, Abbie
Adaline Ada, Adela, Aline, Edith
Adam Ade, Edie
Adela Della
Adelaide Ada,Addie,Adela, Adeline, Della, Heide
Adelaide Addie
Adelbert Albert, Del, Delbert, Bert
Adelia, Adele, Cordelia Delia
Adolphus Ado, Adolph,Dolph
Adrian Rian
Adrienne Adrian
Agatha Addy, Ag, Aggie, Agnes
Agnes Aggy, Ann, Nancy, Nessie
Aileen Helen
Alanson Al, Lanson
Alastair Al
Alazama Ali
Albert Al, Bert, Bird Alberta
Alberta Abertina,Albertine,Allie,Bert,Bertie
Aleva Leve, Levy
Alexander Ala, Alec, Alex, Andi, Ec, Sandy,Xandra Alexis, Sandra
Alexandra Lexa, Xan
Alexandria Alla, Drina, Sandra Alexander
Alexandria Alla, Ellie, Elic
Alexis Lexi
Alfred Al, Alf, Alfie, Fred Alfreda
Alfreda Alfy, Frieda Alfred
Algernon Algy
Alice Alcy, Alicia, Elsie, Lisa
Alicia Ally
Aline Adeline
Alison Ali, Alice
Almena Allie, Mena
Almina Minnie
Almira Myra
Alonzo Al, Alphonzo, Lon, Lonnie, Lonzo
Alphinias Alphus
Alverta Vert, Virdie
Alyssa Al, Ally, Lissia
Alzada Zada
Amanda Amy, Manda, Mandana, Mandy
Ambrose Brose
Amelia Amy, Emily, Mel, Melia, Millie
Amelia, Mildred Millie, Milly
America Mec
Amos Moses
Anastasia Ana, Stacy
Andrea Drea, Rea
Andrew Andy, Ansey, Drew Andrea
Angela Angel, Angelica, Angelina, Angeline, Angie, Jane
Angelina Lina
Angelina, Helena, Magdalena, Paulina, Selena, etc. Lena
Ann,Anna,Anne,Annie Hannah, Nan, Nanny, Nancy, Nana,
Annette Anna, Nettie
Anselm Anse, Ance, Ansel Selma
Anthony Tony Antoinette, Antonia
Antoinette Antonia, Net, Nettie, Tonie
Antonia Nettie Antone, Anthony
Appoline Appie,Appy
Aquilla Quil, Quillie
Arabella Ara, Bella, Belle
Arabelle, Anabelle, Belinda, Elizabeth, Isabel, Isabella, Mirabel, Rosabel Bell, Bella, Belle
Araminta,Armida Middie, Minty, Ruminta
Archibald Archie, Baldie
Archilles Kill, Killis
Ariadne Arie
Arielle Arie
Aristotle Telly
Arizona Ona,Onie
Arlene Lena
Armanda Mandy
Armilda Milly
Arminda Mindie
Arminta Minite, Minnie
Arnold Arnie
Artelepsa Epsey
Artemus Art
Arthur Art
Arthusa Thursa
Arzada Zaddi
Asenath Assene, Nathey?,Sene
Aubrey Bree
Audrey Dee
Augusta,Augustina Aggy, Augie, Gus(s)ie, Ina, Tina Augustus
Augustine,Augustus Gus, Gustus Augusta, Gustie
Aurelia,Aurilla,Orilla Ora, Ree, Rilly
Avarilla, Serilla Rilla


Barbara Babs, Barb,Barbie,(y), Bobbie, Bonnie
Barbery Barbara
Barnabas Barney
Barnard,Bernard Barney, Bernie
Bartholomew Bart, Bartel, Barth, Bat
Barticus Bart
Bazaleel Basil
Beatrice Bea, Trisha, Trissy, Trixie
Bedelia Delia, Bridgit
Belinda Bell, Belle, Linda
Benedict Bennett
Bengta,Bengtha Ben
Benjamin Ben, Benjie, Bennie, Jamie
Bertha Bertie
Bertha Boots
Bertram Bert
Bethena Beth, Thaney
Beverly Bev
Blanche Bea
Boetius Bo
Brian Bryan, Bryant
Bridget Biddy, Bridie, Brie, Delia
Bridget Bridey, Brie


Caldonia Callie Dona
Caleb Cal
California Callie
Calista Kissy
Calpurnia Cally
Calvin Cal
Cameron Cam
Camille Cammy, Millie
Campbell Cam
Candace Candy, Dacey
Carl Charles, Karl
Carlotta Lottie
Carmellia Mellia
Carmon Carm, Cammie, Charm
Caroline Caddie, Carol, Carrie, Cassie, Lena, Lynn
Caroline, Charlotte Carrie, Carry
Carolyn See Caroline
Carthaette Etta, Etty
Casper Jasper
Cassandra Cass, Cassie(ey), Sandi, Sandra
Caswell Cass
Catherine Cathy, Karen, Katharine, Katie,
Catherine, Katherine Trina
Cathleen See Catherine
Cecilia Celia, Cissy Cecil
Celeste Celia, Lessie
Celinda Linda, Lindy, Lynn
Charity Chat
Charles Buck, Carl, Chad, Charlie,
Charlotte Car, Carlotta, Letty, Lotta, Lottie
Chauncey Chance
Chesley Chet
Chester Chet
Chloe Clo
Christian Chris,Christopher,Kit
Christina Tina
Christine,Christiana Chris,Crissy,Christy, Ina, Tina, Xina
Christopher Chris, Christian, Kester, Kit
Cicely Cilla
Cinderella Arilla, Cindy, Rilla, Rella
Clara Claire, Clarice, Clarissa
Clarence Clay
Clarinda Clara Clarence, Renee
Clarissa Clara, Clare, Cissy
Claudia Claud
Cleatus Cleat
Clementine Clem Clement
Clifford Cliff, Ford
Clifton Cliff
Cole Colie
Columbus Lum
Constance Connie
Cordelia Cordy, Delia
Corinne Cora, Ora
Cornelia Conny, Corny, Neely, Nelle,Nelly
Cornelius Neil,Neely
Cory,Corey CoCo, Cordy, Ree
Courtney Corky, Court, Curt
Crystal Chris,etc.
Cynthia Cindy, Sina
Cynthia, Cinthia, Lucinda Cindy
Cyrus Cy


Daisy Margaret
Daniel Dan, Danny, Dank
Danielle Dani, Ellie, etc.
Daphne Daph,Daphie
David Davy, Dave
Deanne Ann, Dee
Deborah Deb, Debi, Debbie, Debby
Deidre Deedee
Delbert Bert, Del
Delia Cordelia, Fidelia
Delilah Dell, Della, Lil, Lila
Dell,Della Adela, Adelaide, Delilah
Delores Dee, Dodie,Dodie, Lola
Delpha Philadelphia
Delphine Del, Delf, Delphi
Demaris,Demerias Dea, Maris, Mary
Democrates Mock
Denise Niecy
Deuteronomy Duty
Diane,Diana Di, Dicey, Didi
Dickson Dick
Doctor Doc
Dominic Dom, Nick(y)
Dorinda Dora, Dorothea
Doris Dora
Dorothea Doda, Dora
Dorothy Dee, Dolly, Dorothea, Dot,
Dorothy, Eudora, Theodora Dora
Dorothy, Theodore Dode, Dody
Douglas Doug
Drusilla, Sarilla Silla
Duncan Dunk


Ebenezer Eb, Eben
Edgar, Edmund, Edward, Edwin, Edwina Ed, Eddie, Eddy
Edith Dicey, Edie
Edmund Ed, Ned, Ted
Edna Edny
Edward Ed, Ned, Ted
Edward, Theodore Ted, Teddy
Edwina Edwin
Egbert Bert, Burt
Eighta Athy
Eileen Helen
Elaine Helen, Lainie
Elbert Albert
Elbertson Elbert, Bert
Eleanor Elaine,Ella,Ellen,Helen,Lanna,
Eleanor, Elenora Ella, Ellie
Eleanor, Elenora, Ellen, Helen Nell, Nellie, Nelly
Elena Helen
Elenore, Elenora, Honora, Honoria Nora
Elias Eli
Elijah Eli, Lige
Eliphalel Life
Elisa Lisa
Elisha Eli, Ellis, Lish
Eliza Elizabeth
Elizabeth Bess (ie), Beth, Bethia, Betsy, Bette(y), Dicey,Elis, Elsie,
Elizabeth, Elisabeth Bess, Bessie, Bessy, Beth, Bette, Bettie, Bettie, Betsy, Betsey, Bitsy
Elizabeth, Elisabeth Eliza
Elizabeth, Elisabeth Lisa, Lise, Liz, Lizzie
Ella,Ellie Eleanor,Gabriella,Helen,Luella
Ellen Helen, Nell, Nellie
Ellender Ellen, Nellie
Elminie Minnie
Elmira Mira
Elnora Nora
Eloise Heloise, Louise
Elsie Alice, Elizabeth
Elvira Elvie
Elwood Ells, Elly
Elysia Lisa
Emanuel Manny, Manuel
Emeline Emmer, Emily, Emmy, Lina, Millie
Emil Emily
Emily Emma, Emmie, Erma
Ephraim Eph
Erasmus Rasmus, Raze
Eric Rick, Ricky Erica
Ernest,Earnest Ernie Ernestine
Ernestine Erna, Tina, Teeny Ernest
Erwin Irwin
Eseneth Senie
Estella Essy, Stella
Esther Essie, Hester
Esther, Henrietta, Hester Hettie
Eudicy Dicey
Eudora Dora
Eudoris Dosie,Dossie
Eugene Gene Eugenia, Euy, Gene,Genie, Jenny
Eugenia Genie
Eunice,Unice Nicie
Euphemia Effie,(y)
Euphemia, Evelyn Effie, Effy
Eurydice Dicey
Eustacia Stacia, Stacy
Evangeline Evan, Ev,Vangie
Evelyn Ev, Eve Evelina,Evelyn
Experience Exie
Ezekiel Ez, Zeke


Faith Fay
Felicia Fel, Feli, Felix
Felicity Flick, Tick
Ferdinand,(do) Ferdie, Fred
Fidelia Delia Delius
Florence Flo, Flora, Florrie, Floss, Flossie
Floyd Lloyd
Frances Fan, Fanny, Fran (ie), France, Frankie, Franz, Sis
Frances Fannie, Fanny
Frances (female), Francis (male), Franklin Frankie
Francis Frank
Franklin Frank
Frederica Rica
Frederick Derick, Fred, Fredric, Freddie, Frish, Fritz


Gabriel Gabe, Gabby Garbrielle
Gabrielle Ella, Gabbie Gabriel
Genevieve Gency,Jinsey, Jenny
Geoffrey Jeff, Jeffrey
George Jorge
Georgia Georgiana
Gerald Jerry, Gerry
Geraldine Dina, Gerri(e), Jerry, Deannie
Gerhardt Gay
Gertrude Gatty, Gertie, Trudy
Gilbert Bert, Bertie, Gib, Gil, Wilber
Gloria Glory
Governor Govie
Greenberry Berry, Green
Gregory Greg
Gretchen Margaret
Griselda Grissel
Gustavus Gus
Gwendolyn Genny,Gwen, Wendy


Hamilton Ham
Hannah Anna, Hattie,Nan, Nanny, Susannah
Harold Hal, Harry
Harold, Henry Hal
Harriet Hatty(ie)
Harriet, Harriett Hattie
Harry Harold, Henry
Haseltine Hassie
Heather Hetty
Helen(a) Aileen,Eileen, Elaine,Eleanor,
Heloise Eloise, Lois
Henrietta Etta, Hank, Hetty, Nettie, Retta
Henry Hal, Hank, Harry, Hen, Hence
Henry Hank, Harry
Hepsabah,Hepsabeth,Hepsabel Hepsy
Herbert Bert, Herb
Herman Harman (Dutch)
Hester Esther Hessy, Hetty
Hezekiah Hez, Ki, Ky
Honora Honey, Nora, Norah, Norry
Horace Harry, Horatio
Hortense Harty, Tensey
Hosea Hosey, Hosie
Howard Hal, Howie
Hubert Hugh,Hugo, Bert




Ian John
Ignatius,Ignatzio Iggy, Nace, Naz
Immanuel Emmanuel, Manuel
India Indie, Indy
Inez Agnes
Iona Onnie
Irvin Irving
Irwin Erwin
Isaac Ike, Zeke
Isabelle(a) Bella, Belle, Cybilla, Elizabeth, Ib, Issy, Nib,
Isadora Dora, Issy
Isaiah Zadie, Zay
Isidore Izzy
Iva Ivy
Ivan John


Jackson Jack
Jacob Jake
Jacqueline Jackie
James Jamie, Jim
James Jim, Jimmy
James, Jameson Jamie
Jane Janet, Janie, Jessie, Jenny,
Jane, Janet, Jeanette, Jennett, Virginia Jenny
Jannett Nettie
Jasper Casper, Jap
Jayme Jay
Jean Jennie, Joanna
Jeanette Jeanne, Nettie
Jedediah Diah, Dyer, Jed
Jeffrey Geoffrey, Jeff
Jehu Gee, Hugh
Jemima Jemma, Mima(i)
Jennet Jenny, Jessie (Canada)
Jennifer (adaptation of Winifred) Jan, Jenny etc.
Jeremiah Jeremy, Jerry
Jerita Rita
Jessica Jess, Jesse, Jessie, Sica
Jessie Jane, Janet, Jess, Jessica
Jincy,Jinsy Jane
Joanna Jane,Jean,Joan,Jody, Johanna John
Johannes John Johnny, Jonathan
John Hans,Ian,Ivan,Jack, Jean,Jehu,Jayhugh,Jock
John Jack
John Jock, Johnnie, Johnny
Jonathan John, Jon, Nat, Nathan
Joseph Joe, Joey
Josepha,Josephine Pheny, Josie
Josephine Jo, Joey, Josey(ie),
Josetta Jettie
Joshua Josh
Joyce Joy
Juanita Nita
Judah Jude, Juder
Judith Juda, Jude, Judi(e), Judy
Julia Jill, Julie, Juliet
June Junius
Justin Justus Justina


Karonhappuck Carrie, Karen, Karon, Happy
Katarina Catherine, Tina
Katherine Kat, Kate (etc), Kitsey, Kitty See Catherine
Katherine Kate, Katie, Katy, Kay, Kit, Kitty
Kathleen See Catherine
Kayla KayKay
Kendra Kay, Kenny, Kenj,Kenji
Keziah Kezzie (y), Kid, Kizzy, etc.
Kristel Kris.
Kristine Kissy, Kris, Krissy
KristopherChristopher Chris, etc.


Lafayette Fate, Left, Leffie(y)
Laodicia Dicy, Cenia
Lauren Laurie, Ren
Laurinda Laura
Lauryn Laurie
Laveda Veda
Laverne Verna, Vernon
Lawrence Larry,Lars,Laurence,Lawrie,Lon,Lorry Laura
Leanne Annie, Lea
Lecurgus Curg
Lemuel Lem
Leonard Leo, Leon
Leonidas Lee, Leon
Leonore,Leonora Elenor, Honor, Nora
LeRoy Lee, Roy
Leslie Les, Lester
Letitia Lettie, Lettice, Titia, Tish
Levone,Lavonne Von
Lillian Lil (a), Lilly, Lolly, Odie
Lincoln Link
Lionel Leon
Littleberry Berry, L.B., Little
Lois Heloise, Louise
Loretta Etta, Laura, Lorrie, Retta
Lorinda,Laurinda Laura
Lorraine Lorrie
Lotta,Lotty Charlotte, Charlotta
Louis Lewis, Lou, Louie
Louise Eliza,Eloise,Lois,Lou,Lulu
Lucia Lucy
Lucias Lucas, Luke
Lucille Ceall, Cille, Lucy
Lucina Sinah
Lucinda Cindy, Lucy
Lucinda Lucy
Lucretia Creasey
Luella Ella
Lunetta Nettie
Lurana Lura


Mabel Amabel, Mehitabel
Mabel, Sybil Belle
Mac, Mack, Mc Any name starting with Mac,Mc
Mackenzie Kenzy, Mac,Mack
Madeline Lena, Maddie, Madge, Maggie,
Madison Maddy, Mattie
Magdalena Maggie
Mahala Haley, Huldah
Malachi Mally
Malcolm Mac, Mal, Malc
Malissa,Melissa Missa,etc.
Manerva Eve, Minerva, Nerva, Nervie
Manoah Noah
Manola Nonnie
Manuel Emmanuel, Manny
Marcus Mark
Margaret Daisy
Margaret Daisy,Greta,Madge,Maggie,
Margaret Madge, Maggie, Midge
Margaret Meg, Megan
Margaret Peg, Peggy, Margie
Margaret, Margaretha Greta
Margarita Rita See Margaret
Mariah Maria, Mary
Marian Marianna
Marilyn Mary
Marion Mary
Marissa Rissa
Marjorie Madge,Marge, Margie
Marsha Marcie, Mary
Martha Marnie, Mart,Marty,Mat,Mattie,Patsy,Patty
Martha Marty, Martie, Mattie
Martha, Matilda, Patricia, Patience Pat, Patsy, Patty, Pattie, Tricia, Trish, Trixie
Marvin Marv, Merv, Mervyn
Mary Mae,Mamie,Maria(h),Marie,
Mary Mamie
Mary Maura meaning "Big Mary" & Moira meaning "Little Mary", America, Demaris
Mary May, Mercy, Minnie,Mitzi, Mollie (y), Polly
Mary Moll, Mollie, Molly
Mary, Paula Polly, Pollie
Mathilda Patty, Tillie, Tilda
Matilda Mat,Matty,Maud,Tilda,Tillie
Matilda, Mathilda, Tilford, Temperance Tillie, Tilly
Matthew Matt, Matthias
Maureen Mary
Maurice Maury, Morris, Mossie
Mavine,Mavery Mave
Maxine Max (names starting with "Max")
May Mae
McKenna Ken, Kenna, Meaka
Medora Dora
Megan Meg
Mehitabel Hetty, Mabel, Mitty
Melchizedek Dick, Zadock
Melinda Linda, Lindy, Mel
Melissa Alyssa, Lisa, Mel, Milly, Missy
Mellony Mellia, Mell
Melody Lodi
Melvin Mel
Melvina, Lavinia, Lavonia, Louvinia, Louvenia Vina, Viney, Viny, Vonnie, Wyncha
Mercedes Merci,Mercy, Sadie
Micajah Cage
Michael Mickey, Mike, Mitchell
Michelle Mickey, Shelly
Mildred Mell, Milly, Mimi
Millicent Milly
Minerva Mina,Minnie,Nerva,Nervie
Miranda Mandy, Mari, Mira, Randy
Miriam Mary, Mitzi
Mitchell Michael, Mitch
Mitzi Mary
Monet Nettie
Monica Monna (ie)
Monteleon Monte
Montesque Monty
Montgomery Gum, Monty
Mortimer Mort
Moses Amos, Mose, Moss
Muriel Mur
Myrtle Mert,Myrt, Myrti


Nadine Dee Dee, Nada
Nancy (also a male name)
Nancy Agnes, Ann, Nan, Nance,Nannie
Naomi Omi
Napoleon Leon, Nap,Poley, Pony
Natalie Nattie, Nettie
Natasha Nat, Tasha
Nathaniel Jonathan,Nat, Nate, Natty,Nathan,Tan
Nelson Nels
Nicholas Nick,Nicky, etc.
Nicodemus Nick
Nicole Cole, Nikki, Nole
Nora Nonie
Nowell Noel


Obadiah Diah, Dyer, Obe, Obed, Obie
Obedience Beda, Beedy, Biddie, Obed
Octavia Tave, Tavia
Odell Odo
Olive Ollie
Olive, Olivia, Oliver Ollie
Oliver Ollie
Olivia Livia, Olive
Onicyphorous Cy, Cyphorus, One, Osaforum,Osaforus, Syphorous
Orilla,Aurilla Ora, Rilly
Orlando Roland
Orphelia Phelia
Oswald Ossy, Waldo
Otis Ode, Ote


Pamela Pam
Pandora Dora
Parthenia Parsuny,Pasoonie, Phenie, Teeny
Patrick Paddy,Pat,Patsy,Peter,Patricia
Pauline Polly, Paula
Penelope Neppie, Penny
Penelope Penny
Percival Perce,Percy
Permelia Mellie (y), Milly
Pernetta Nettie
Persephone Seph,Sephy
Pharaba,Pheriba Ferbie, Pherbia
Pheney Josephine
Philadelphia Delphia
Philander Fie
Philip Filip, Phil, Pip
Philipina Phoebe, Penie
Philomena Mena
Phoebe Fifi
Pinckney Pink
Pleasant Ples
Pocahontas Pokey
Posthuma Humey
Prescott Pres, Scott
Priscilla Cil,Cilla, Ciller, Prissy, Siller
Providence Provy
Prudence Densy, Prudy


Rachel Rae,Ray, Raech
Ramona Mona
Randolph Dolph, Rafe, Randall, Randy
Raphael Raff
Raymond Ray
Rebecca Becca, Beck, Beckie (y), Reba
Regina Gina, Ray
Reginald Reg, Reggie, Rex, Reynold
Reuben Rube, Ruby
Reynold Reginald
Rhoda Rodie
Rhodella Della
Rhyna Rhynie
Richard Dick
Richard Dick, Rich(ie), Rick, Ritchie
Richard Rich, Richy, Rick
Robert Bob, Bobby
Robert Dob, Dobbin,Bob(by),Rob,Robin,Rupert Roberta
Robert Dobbin
Robert, Roberta Rob, Robbie, Robby, Robin, Berta
Roberta Bert,Bobbie,Robbie
Roberta Bobbi, Bobbie
Roderick Erick, Rod, Rickie
Roger Hodge, Hodgekin
Roland Orlando, Rowland
Ronald Ron,Ronnie
Roscoe Ross
Rosina Sina
Roxane Rox,Roxie
Rudolph Dolph, Rolf, Rollo, Rudy
Rufina,ReFina Fina
Russell Russ
Ryan Ry


Sabrina Bri, Brina, Sabby, Sabra,
Salome Loomie
Salvador Sal
Samantha Mantha, Sammy
Samson,Sampson Sam
Samuel Sam
Samuel, Samson, Samantha Sam, Sammy, Sammie
Sandra Alexandra, Sandy
Sanford Sandy
Sarah Cera, Sadie,Sal,Sallie,Sara(i),Surry
Sarah Sadie, Sally, Sallie
Sarina,Serena, Larena, Lorena, Laurena, Irene Rena, Rennie
Savannah Anna, Vannie
Scott Skeeter, Squat, Scottie
Sebastian Sebby
Selma Anselm
Shaina Sha, Shay, ShaSha
Sharon Sha, Shay
Sheila Cecilia
Sheldon Shelly, Shell
Sheridan Dan, Danny
Sibbilla, Sibbell, Sybill Sibbie
Sigfrid, Sigfired, Sidney Sid
Sigismund Sig
Silence Liley
Silvester,Sylvester, Silas Si, Syl, Sly, Vest, Vester
Simeon Sim, Simon
Socrates Crate
Solomon Sal,Salmon,Sol,Solly,Zolly
Sondra Dre, Sonnie
Sophronia Frona, Fronia, Sophia
Stephanie Annie, Steph(ie)
Stephen Step, Steve (ie), Steven Steph
Submit Mitty
Sullivan Sully
Susan, Susanna, Susannah, Suzanne Sukie, Suchie, Suchy, Susie, Sukie
Susannah Hannah, Sudy, Sue, Sukey,Susan,
Sylvester See Silvester


Tabitha Tabby
Tamarra Tammy
Tanafra Tanny
Tasha Tash,Tashie
Temperance Tempy
Terence, Teresa,Theresa Terry,Tess,Tessie,Thursa,Ticy,Tracy, Trissy, Tyrza
Thaddeus Tad,Thad
Theodora Dora
Theodore, Theodocius Dorey, Ted, Theo, Tad
Theodosia Dosia, Theo
Theophilus Ophi
Theotha Otha
Thomas Thom, Tom, Tommy
Thomasa,Thomasine Tamzine
Tiffany Tiff,Tiffy
Timothy Tim
Tobias Tobe,Toby,Bias
Tranquilla Trannie, Quilla


Unice,Eunice Nicie
Uriah Ury
Ursula Sula, Sulie


Valentina,Valentine Felty, Val,Vallie
Valerie Val
VanBuren Buren
Vandalia Vannie
Vanessa Nessa, Van,Vannie
Vernisee Nicey
Veronica Franky,Ronnie,Ronna,Vonnie
Victor, Levicy Vic,Vick, Vicy
Victoria Toria, Torrie, Tory, Vicki Victor
Vincent Vin, Vince, Vinnie,Vinny
Viola Ola, Vi
Violetta Lettie
Virginia Ginger, Ginny
Virginia Ginger,Ginny,Jane,Jennie (y), Jinie,Virgie
Vivian Vi, Viv


Waldo Oswald
Wallace Wallie,Wally
Walter Wat
Webster Webb
Wendy Wen
Wilber Wib
Wilda Willie
Wilfred Fred, Willie
Wilhelmina Billie, Helmie,Mina,Minnie,Willie,Wilma
William Bill,Bud, Will
Willis Bill, Willy
Winefred, Winifred Winnie
Winfield Field, Win, Winny
Winifred Freddie, Winnie, Winnet
Winton Wint
Woodrow Woody ( names starting with "wood")


Yeona Ona, Onie
Yulan Lan, Yul
Yvonne Vonna, Vonnie


Zachariah Zach, Zacharias, Zachary, Zeke
Zadock Dick, Dock, Melchizedek, Zed
Zaven, Zina Zee
Zebulon Lon, Zeb
Zedediah Zed
Zelphia Zel, Zella, Zelphy
Zepaniah Zeph
Sons named after their fathers Sonny, Junior, Chip, Skip.
ex: John Smith, III Trey
ex: John Smith, IV Ivy
ex: John Smith, V Qunice, Qunit




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