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Using "traditional" methods to research lost families in the African diaspora takes a lot more work and some creative thinking to do. This is because the relationships between Africans and their enslavers was based a lack of human respect. Africans forced to endure the whims of enslavers also suffered the indignity of not knowing when they were born or being raised by their parents; not all, but many. Based on many years of experience and research at home and abroad, Dr. Royster introduced a new research methodology in 2017 while at a conference in Paramaribo, Suriname. She calls it, “Ancesterology”. Traditional research methods suggests that a researcher should not consider the human trauma, food deprivation, or economic outcomes as a result of transgenerational but Ancesterology rejects this approach because it is humanly impossible to separate is impossible to do. Who can separate their emotions from backs lashed and food deprivation? To thoroughly research the presence of Africans in Western societies, credible research must take on one than one approach in more than one disciplines. Read more about Ancesterology.



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